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Meet the Staff of Cal West Motors

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Terri Casey - Office Manager

510-614-9400 - calwestmotors@aol.com

Terri runs our Business Office. Her responsibilities include titling and registration of our vehicles. Her smiling face is well known at DMV. While other dealers use titling services or the mail to do their DMV work; Terri appears personally which speeds the process and eliminates many errors. Through Terri, our customers get their titles, license plates, vehicle registration and tags very quickly and accurately. In her spare time she enjoys fitness walking, cooking, bargain shopping, the outdoors and participating with her sons in their various activities.

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Mike Casey - General Manager

- calwestmotors@aol.com

Mike manages Sales, Financing and Purchasing at Cal West Motors. He loves talking with our customers about almost any subject. He has built relationships with many of the local franchise automobile dealers, banks, credit unions, local businesses, corporations, public & dealer only automobile auctions and automotive service specialists over the 35 plus years that he has been involved with Cal West Motors. In his spare time he enjoys his wife's company, watching and participating with his sons' many activities, coaching youth basketball, playing basketball, golf and many other outdoor activities.

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Matt Moran - Sales Representative

- calwest.matt@gmail.com

Matt Moran is one of our sales representatives and a native of San Leandro. Matt is 33 years old and full of energy. He is eagerly learning the car business at Cal West Motors. He came to us through close family connections.. His father David sold hundreds of automobiles here in the 1980's and 90's before he moved to the mountains. Matt is eager to greet our guests and also helps to maintain our web site. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two sons, Noah and Jude.

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Donnie Soward - Property Manager

- calwestmotors@aol.com

Donnie Soward is a native of San Leandro. He opens our dealership each morning, makes great coffee and helps maintain our vehicles while they are on our property. He's been with our company for over 16 years. He's our property manager! He helps to coordinate our vehicle reconditioning and maintain our appearance. In his spare time Donnie loves to shop for bargains at local garage sales, flea markets, and stores.

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Chris Casey - Sales Representative

- cmcasey05@aol.com

Chris Casey recently completed his Engineering studies at California State Polytechnic University (Cal-Poly). He is most interested in civil and geological engineering and searching for career placement in his fields of interest. When he is available to work he proficient in and responsible for vehicle purchasing, check in, get ready, marketing, customer service, sales, finance and the maintenance of our web site. In his spare time he enjoys midnight soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, snow boarding and many other active sporting activities.

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Brian Casey - Sales Representative

- briancasey33@yahoo.com

Brian Casey attends Chabot College and recently started working at Cal West Motors part time. He loves automobiles and is eager to learn the automobile business. His responsibilities include vehicle check in and get ready, customer service, lot maintenance, and web site maintenance. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends, playing basketball, golf, softball and many other active outdoor activities.

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